The main strength point of the company is the RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT. Entire department is dedicated to searching for solutions, testing the feasibility, calculating timings and methods for the optimization of the processes.

For each potential customer we provide a free analysis of the specifications and potential difficulties. We also propose a most suitable processing cycle aimed to achieve the desired results. Moreover we produce samples identifying this way efficient solutions in order to design systems able to be integrated into complex productive realities.

One can easily set an APPOINTMENT with Eiron’s expert, which will examine the issues and determine the most suitable processes and materials for the development of the technology.

Thanks to the technologically advanced control instruments, Eiron can measure the effectiveness of the treatment and basing on the requests can propose a CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION.  For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.



The Technical Department of Eiron designs the systems starting from the defined specifications of the processes with careful preliminary analysis. Thanks to a constant synchronization with the customer, we can create such a synergy between our skills and customer needs which will result in PRODUCTS exceeding expectations.

Our design team uses advanced software tools for modeling, measuring and analysis for the maximum quality of the product.

Collaboration with the best industrial realities enables us to develop and engineer products adapted to the specific production and automation needs. Thus we can offer systems with such features as robustness, reliability, security and superior technological performance. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Eiron manages the production of the systems through a network of third parties which using their specific expertise and skills collaborate with us with one goal: development and optimization of the products.

The outsourcing of production has been conceived with one specific aim to rapidly identify the most suitable resources for the production/delivery and allocate them according to each specific customer’s request in shortest time.

Continuous and thorough monitoring of the production cycle, control and testing procedures performed during the various stages of assembly, starting from the size inspection of components up to the final assembly of the machine, ensure the high quality of the product. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


We believe that customer service generates additional value both to the customer which requires immediate resolution of any type of difficulty and to Eiron as a feedback to measure the performance of its systems and customer satisfaction both leading to a continuous improvement.

Our SERVICE provides the customer, both at the level of assistance and local interventions prompt solutions thanks to computerized management of theinventory. All the components are coded which makes it easy and fast to track them.

In order to ensure proper and constant operation over time, the sandblasting and shot peening systems require special care which translates into periodic checkups of the parts in order to fully exploit the wear components and promptly identify abnormal processes. Keeping this in mind Eiron offers to customers a maintenance plan based on the type of work and the degree of exploitation of the system.

Together with the supply of spare parts and scheduled maintenance plan, thanks to its Technical Department, Eiron assists the clients in the upgrading of the existing system or its parts even the ones made by a different company. It includes reconditioning of the units (anti-wear coatings of polyurethane or rubber equipment, work piece holding equipment , etc..), or modification of the units (geometry, dimensions of work, automation, etc.) offering solutions in agreement with the expected performance and the customer’s budget. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.